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Photo: Henry Cook


From Bandicoots to Butterflies…
Bell Frogs to Bilbies…
you can help us save native animals under threat

Cane Toads, carp, foxes, rabbits, noxious weeds… they’re sometimes called ‘invasive species’. But the truth is, they didn’t invade Australia… humans introduced them and now, along with habitat loss and changes to our climate, they’re responsible for the greatest cause of animal extinctions in Australia.

Incredibly, at least 30 native mammals have become extinct since European settlement - 14 in just the past 50 years! That gives Australia the unwanted record of having the worst mammal extinction rate in the world. Introduced species are recognised as the primary cause.

Here are just some of the other threatened species your gift to this appeal can help protect:

Northern Quoll

Listing status: Endangered

The Northern Quoll formerly occurred right across northern Australia from Western Australia to South-East Queensland. Sadly, since the arrival of the Cane Toad, populations have declined dramatically, especially in the more arid parts of its range. As one of our native predators, Quolls die when they eat Cane Toads, which have venom-secreting poison glands. In fact, the Cane Toad is a key factor in the decline of many native species.

Northern Quoll

Eastern Bettong

Once a familiar sight across south eastern Australia, this small kangaroo-like marsupial is now highly threatened by feral cats and foxes.It was driven to extinction on the mainland but has survived in Tasmania due to the absence of foxes there.Reintroduction to the mainland can help fulfil an important ecosystem function as the scratching and foraging of Eastern Bettongs improves water retention in the soil, increases composting and supports the threatened box gum woodlands in which it resides.

Eastern Bettong

Thousands of native animals need our help to survive the threat posed by species introduced by humans at some stage in our history. Please give whatever you can afford to our Spring appeal so we can continue the fight on their behalf.

Together, we can give them a future. Please donate today.

Ian Darbyshire

CEO – Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife


P.S. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Join the fight to protect threatened wildlife

From Bandicoots to Butterflies… Bell Frogs to Bilbies… you can help us save native animals under threat Find out more...