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Thousands of years in the making, destroyed in hours...

Give your gift today so FNPW can jump straight into action when a pristine forest is under threat and needs urgent protection.

FNPW buys undeveloped land for conservation. Unlike other charities that purchase properties to manage as private reserves, FNPW gifts land it acquires to Australia's National Parks system.

National Parks are guaranteed to be permanently protected, however private reserves are not. Another huge benefit of National Parks is that they're open to all. You get to enjoy them for walks, camping, wildlife spotting and more, as much as you like.

Your help is needed to protect forests relied upon by critically endangered species. FNPW simply can't act without your support.

You can stop habitats from being destroyed, by giving a gift today.

It costs as little as $200 in some areas to buy 1 hectare of habitat for conservation.

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P.S. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.