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FEATURED PROJECT: Saving the Mountain Pygmy-possum

Blog Post - Mountain Pygmy Possums

"Hello, I’m Dr Linda Broome, a Senior Threatened Species Officer with the Office of Environment and Heritage. I’ve been researching a very special little animal called the Mountain Pygmy-possum for the last 30 years. These tiny possums only live in the Australian Alps, and they’re listed as an endangered species.

Today, there are only a few thousand Mountain Pygmy-possums left in the wild. As temperatures rise, so too do the threats to their survival dramatically increase.

Over last 10 years I’ve been working with Professor Michael Archer of UNSW, Trevor Evans from the Secret Creek Sanctuary, and many others to help save the Mountain Pygmy-possum from extinction.

We believe an important way to conserve our Mountain Pygmy-possums is to breed them in captivity. This will allow for supplementation of wild populations if sudden, catastrophic declines in numbers and genetic diversity occur in the wild. In world first research, we also aim to adapt these possums to the effects of climate change by breeding them in a warmer climate than their current natural habitat, and release them into lower altitude habitats where the fossil records show their ancestors once flourished.

In a changing environment, we need to be innovative in order to save our species.

FNPW has been helping us fundraise for a captive breeding centre since 2010, and raised over $150,000 so far. However a great deal more is needed for this crucial work.

I invite you to get behind the Mountain Pygmy-possum. Please help us save this incredibly unique Australian animal from extinction.

Donate to FNPW today to help us build the Mountain Pygmy-possum Captive Breeding Centre, and conserve this species before it is too late."

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