Foundation Projects

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The Foundation has been fundraising to protect the Mountain Pygmy-possum since 1979. Photo: Dr Linda Broome.

For more than 40 years the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife has dedicated its efforts to on-ground conservation projects - preserving Australia's natural and cultural heritage for the benefit of future generations.

We fund only those projects that are based on scientific research and methods and that achieve a tangible conservation outcome through protecting threatened plant and animal species or that help educate our community about the environment.

The Foundation does not commit funds to lobbying or political campaigning, directing all available resources to achieving tangible conservation results where immediate help is needed.

These principles are guarded by the Foundation’s Projects Committee, which chooses projects and oversees their progress and completion.

Foundation funded land acquistions for the National Reserve System - click to see all.

Foundation funded wildlife conservation projects - click to see all.

Foundation funded cultural heritage restoration and preservation projects - click to see all.