Bouddi National Park

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Trees at Bouddi National Park.
Trees at Bouddi National Park.

Bouddi National Park is over 1,111 ha of beautiful coastal heath and forests. It is 70 km north of Sydney and 19 km south-east of Gosford.

The purchase of a key area of land (26 ha) with Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife funds forestalled development which would have spoiled the scenic aspects of this beautiful park.

This park offers offers spectacular views over the splendour of Broken Bay. It also has a number of easy coastal walks that pass through rainforest glens, fields of flannel flowers, scrubs and colourful sandstone. Bouddi also contains the first marine park extension in the NSW - an area of ocean floor to be set aside for protection. 

The Bouddi National Park Marine Extension is a Marine Protected Area of 287.3 hectares in size. It runs from Gerrin Point to Bombi Point and includes areas of reef. It includes many kinds of subtidal habitat that are common along the Central Coast of NSW. If you go for a snorkel you might find some of the algae-dominated fringe habitats, urchin-grazed barrens habitats, kelp forests, or sponge-dominated reefs.

Marine mammals occasionally visit the Marine Extension of the park, including fur seals that drop in to the beaches and rock platforms, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, humpback whales and southern right whales. During 1993, leopard seals were a feature of Maitland Bay.

Bouddi National Park is home to over a hundred and fifty species of birds, twenty-six types of mammal, sixteen reptile species, sixteen amphibian species and more than twenty species of threatened or vulnerable native animals. The tall forests provide shelter for three endangered owl species, including the Sooty Owl, the Masked Owl and the Powerful Owl. Peregrine Falcons sometimes nest on the sea cliffs north of Maitland bay.

The remains of the S.S. Maitland, wrecked in 1898, lie on a rock platform just off Bouddi Point. If you’re visiting during low tide, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the ship’s remains. Also, be sure to stop and have a look at the ship’s bell outside the Maitland Bay store —it was recovered and placed there in 1959.

Find out more about Bouddi National Park, including camping details, walks, directions and so on, by clicking the link.

Foundation Projects in Bouddi National Park

Growing Bouddi National Park

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife acquired 26 ha of high conservation value land, valued at over $400,000, to add to Bouddi National Park. 


Understanding Beautiful Maitland Bay

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is funding the upgrade and refurbishment of the Maitland Bay Information Centre. This Centre provides interpretive material so that visitors can better appreciate the unique attractions of this beautiful coastal National Park and Marine Extension. A reception area and museum with interactive and informative displays help to enrich visitors’ experiences to the area.