PAWS Winter Projects Newsletter

PAWS Winter 2014

Australia's Network of Protected Places

In this edition of PAWS, you can read about the Foundation's plans to acquire high conservation value land in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria for permanent protection and conservation management in the National Reserve System. The South Australian and Victorian land acquisitions will be the Foundation's first in those states.

In this PAWS you can also read about recent Foundation-funded conservation projects, and grants awarded including the 2014 round of the New South Wales Private Land Conservation Grants program and Great Eastern Ranges grants programs.

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PAW Prints Update

PAW Prints Winter 2014

Our People & Events

PAW Prints is a short quarterly update about the Foundation's people and events. Have a look to check out what your Foundation has been up to in the last few months.

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Native Australian Animal Factsheets

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Find out all you wanted to know about native Australian animals and more cool facts. These factsheets provide plenty of tips to attract native animals to your area and to keep them safe once they're there.

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