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To ensure the survival of ALL its inhabitants, we must first protect the Ocean’s ‘vital organs’

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Help us provide wilderness & wildlife for future generations

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Leaving a better Australia for our kids

National Parks are the landscapes of some of our best memories. They are also home to uniquely Australian species found nowhere else on earth. We proudly protect these awesome treasures for those that will come after us.

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FNPW is the charity partner of Australia's National Parks.

We’re a non-government organisation on a mission to protect Australia’s ecosystems and native species for generations to come.

And with the support of people like you, we’ve invested over $60 million into Australian conservation.

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We saved 577,453 hectares for you

We’ve grown and created 46 National Parks and protected areas across Australia. We care about parks for people, so we can all enjoy Australia’s natural gifts.
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We believe in the power of partnerships

We work with local partners on conservation projects Australia-wide, including hundreds of scientists, volunteers, PhD students and rangers.
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