Offered as part of the Paddy Pallin Science Grants

Scientific researcher measuring sea grass.

As part of the Paddy Pallin Science Grants, FNPW annually offers up to two $7,000 grants to support marine and terrestial research in partnership with the Paddy Pallin Foundation.

The objective of FNPW's Science Grants is to provide financial support for conservation-based research of Australian ecosystems that will ultimately lead to tangible outcomes for conservation and management. The scope of the research is open to research on threatened or migratory EPBC listed species and communities.

These grants are open to postgraduate students and Early Career Researchers (within 3 years of completing a PhD).

Also on offer are two grants funded by the Paddy Pallin Foundation (up to $7,000 each). These grants are for marine, terrestrial or freswater systems, with a preference for ecosystem benefits.

The grants are administered by the Royal Zoological Society of NSW.

Eligability criteria, selection criteria and application forms for FNPW's Science Grant and other grants, can be found at the Royal Zoological Society of NSW website - click to find out more.

Important dates:

  1. To be confirmed for the 2019 funding round.

The science grant program was initiated by the Paddy Pallin Foundation. It is supported by funding from the Paddy Pallin Foundation and the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. It is administered by the Royal Zoological Society of NSW.


FNPW’s 2018 Science Grant Recipients

Casey Taylor, PhD candidate, the University of Sydney 

Christopher Pocknee, PhD candidate, the University of Queensland

Renee Hartley, PhD candidate, Australian National University

Tamika Joyce Lunn, PhD candidate, Griffith University

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