To ensure the survival of ALL its inhabitants, we must first protect the Ocean’s ‘vital organs’

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It’s frightening, but true… a third of all the world’s seagrasses have been lost in just a single human generation*

Populations of marine mammals, birds, plants and fish are in serious decline globally… including those that live right here, in the vast stretches of saltwater of which we are guardians. If we lose them from our waters, they are lost to the world forever!

Consider these Facts

*Hoegh, Guldberg et al., 2015

Native flat oysters with Tasmanian Blenny Maria Island. photo: Cayne.
Healthy oyster bed. Photo: FNPW

Our Ocean’s ‘vital organs’ are suffering

Plants and animals that represent the equivalent of our own vital organs are in danger… yet so much of the marine ecosystem depends on their good health.

Green Sea Turtle. Photo: FNPW











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With your help, FNPW will fund vital research projects aimed at improving the sustainability of seagrass beds and mangrove forests in order to slow or halt their decline, and the conservation, restoration and management of precious marine ecosystems. In time, this research could save entire species from extinction!

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