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Bushfires, increased vehicle strikes and more…
Summer is a tough time for our native animals

While most of us are enjoying end-of-year celebrations and perhaps taking the family on a holiday to one of our stunning national parks, the native animals we love are under intensified threat. More wildlife babies are born during the warmer months and it’s also ‘breeding season’, so adults are on the move searching for a mate. Concurrently, many more of us are on the road at this time of year, so the number of animals struck by cars and other vehicles increases.

In NSW alone, over 180,000 calls are received each year by volunteers who rescue and rehabilitate wildlife… and these calls peak over summer.

With your help, more volunteer wildlife rescuers and carers will be supported and more animals’ lives will be saved.

Funds raised in this important appeal will be directed towards: 

  • Supporting the network of vets who care for injured native animals free of charge
  • Growing the number of volunteers rescuing flying foxes from extreme heat and other animals impacted by bushfires
  • Increasing the capacity of those who care for and rehabilitate wildlife to meet the increasing number of calls for assistance
  • Creating a fund that can be used in wildlife emergencies

We also need to raise awareness of the role of volunteer responders and promote a greater understanding of their importance in the care and conservation of native wildlife. We should all know what to do if we find an injured animal this summer, whether on the edge of a fire or by the side of the road, so we can offer immediate care to an injured possum, kangaroo, wombat, cockatoo or koala until an accredited carer arrives or we can transport the animal to a vet.

At a time of year that’s all about giving, let’s give back to our Wildlife Heroes - those wonderful Aussie volunteers who contribute their time and effort with such passion and dedication to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the amazing native animals with which we share our stunning country.

Thank you in anticipation of your valued support.

Ian Darbyshire 

CEO – Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife


P.S. Please download and print this Wildlife Rescue card to keep in your wallet. It outlines immediate steps you can take, should you come across an injured animal… information that could well save a life. You can find the name of your nearest wildlife rescue group here.

(click on the card image to download it for printing)


Healing our land

is our initiative to care for the animals that survived the bushfires, help their numbers grow and protect existing or create new, healthy habitats.

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