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Mallee Songbirds Call For Help

Mallee birds have no special adaptations to cope with fire, they either perish or flee to unburnt areas.


Photo: Brian Peer


Mallee Songbirds call for help

Covering three states - NSW, Victoria and South Australia - the Mallee district (derived from the indigenous word for water) refers to the eucalyptus trees and shrubs with many stems and thick underground roots, that retain water allowing them to regenerate quickly after fire or to survive longer in drought.

Sadly, many of the Mallee’s native birds are under threat as the semi-arid eucalypt woodlands, supporting an array of threatened bird populations, are particularly fire-prone habitats. These have been severely reduced by catastrophic wildfire events.

Mallee birds have no special adaptations to cope with fire. They either perish or flee to unburnt areas.

Southern Emu-wrenGrazing of cattle on the Mallee is also impacting on a number of species, and inappropriate water management and genetic introgression have high impacts on individual species.

An overall threat rating of high to very high for six bird species has been identified and Recovery Action Plans are currently underway. These species are:

source: Birdlife Australia

With your support we can help protect, improve and conserve threatened Mallee birds and their habitat to increase their resilience and decrease their risk of extinction.

Thank you for caring about and protecting, Australia's beautiful natural assets.

Ian Darbyshire

CEO – Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife


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