Seagrass Dispersal by Dugongs and Green Sea Turtles

FNPW Project Focus:
Land & water conservation

Project Partners
FNPW & James Cook University

Far North Queensland

Thanks to your support, research is underway into the link between endangered Green Sea Turtles, vulnerable Dugongs, and seagrass, to increase survival rates for all. Floods and cyclones wiped out 98% of the seagrass meadows between Cairns and Townsville (over 400 km!) in 2010-11, which saw a more than double increase in annual dugong and sea turtle deaths in 2011-12. Now research is underway to determine how far and effectively these marine mega-herbivores can disperse seagrass, so meadows at risk of the longest natural recovery times can be prioritised for restoration. This will mean better survival rates for dugongs and turtles.