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FNPW organises corporate volunteering days in National Parks.

Employee teams have a great time getting their hands dirty for Australian conservation!

Employees at an FNPW Corporate Environmental Volunteering Day

As a leading not for profit environmental organisation we have worked with a number of corporate supporters and their employees to deliver positive environmental outcomes that proactively engage corporate teams.

Corporate environmental volunteering (CEV) with National Parks is a great team building experience that strengthens bonds, ignites team spirit and creates memorable experiences for employees undertaking meaningful activities that benefit our environment. We can also organise site tours, native animal displays, and Indigenous culture workshops.

Corporate volunteers do not need to have any bush regeneration experience – just a willingness to learn while exploring and restoring some of our unique National Parks! Teams come away from their experience with a better understanding of the environment, the importance of National Parks and awareness regarding how their activities at home and at work may be affecting fragile ecosystems.

A typical corporate volunteer day on National Parks starts at 9.30 am and concludes at 4.00 pm - we can accommodate preferred dates, times and adapt other elements of the day to suit the needs of your team. An experienced team leader will be onsite to lead your team, provide information about the site including local environmental issues, the biodiversity of the area and deliver a safety briefing, and instructions for the volunteers to carry out their activities.

Arrange a Corporate Day for your team... next steps? 

CEV events can be arranged for 10 to 100 participants, from coastal areas to urban locations such as Middle Head, La Perouse and Goat Island in Sydney Harbour. There are a range of National Parks located near Sydney and within a 20- 50 minute drive of the CBD.

To book your CEV day contact us on 1800 898 626 or by email, including the team size, preferred location and possible dates that you would like to hold your CEV team event.

Employees at an FNPW Corporate Environmental Volunteering Day  

Get your hands dirty! Depending on the site and the National Parks management plan, your team will undertake a variety of tasks such as:

- planting out areas with native seedlings

- bush regeneration activities including mulching and weeding

- heritage restoration work at Middle Head – help us reveal the old tunnels at Middle Head!

Corporate Volunteering Cost: $120 + GST per person, inclusive of morning tea and lunch.

Why do we charge for corporate volunteer days?  

The funds raised by our CEV Program are invested back into the National Park hosting your day to support local volunteer groups. Funds also purchase the resources, tools and native seedlings for your team, which is why it is necessary to cover the costs associated with running corporate volunteer events.

Corporate Volunteering expenses cover the following:

- Certificate of appreciation to your company for the investment of your corporate volunteers time and company funds

- Volunteer Accident Insurance Policy covering volunteer participation in our activities

- Jobs Safety Analysis for each site including site preparation work (which may include ripping of soil, application of fertilisers or other soil conditioners, organising tools and plant orders)

- Team Leader to conduct site induction, safety briefing and coordinate activities that the team will be undertaking

- Purchase of consumables such as gloves, seedlings, tree guards, stakes, fertilisers, water crystals and weed mats

- Provision of all tools and equipment required

- Regular site maintenance - to keep the site weed free and native seedlings happily watered!

Employees at an FNPW Corporate Environmental Volunteering Day 

Who partners with FNPW?

FNPW has organised numerous corporate volunteering days, for a range of companies - PwC, Qantas, Coca Cola, Telstra, Johnson & Johnson, Konica Minolta, Westpac and Deutsche Bank.  In fact in 2017, more than 1,000 corporate volunteers supported our CEV program in Sydney National Parks. We have received excellent feedback, and many of our corporate teams return year on year, revisiting the original site to see the difference they have made.

Corporate Challenge Events

Over the last six years, FNPW has worked with NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service and community partner Landcare Australia to host Corporate Challenge Events in Sydney National Parks. We invite employees to sign up a team, volunteer and network with other companies –these events are by invitation only and free to attend. The largest Corporate Challenge event saw over 130+ corporate and volunteers from 15 companies, planting a range of native seedlings, undertaking bush regeneration and weeding activities on Goat Island - contributing 959 volunteer hours - in one day!

To book your CEV day contact us on 1800 898 626 or by email, including the team size, preferred location and possible dates that you would like to hold your CEV team event.


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