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Featured projects

Blog Post - FEATURED PROJECT: Tracking Bandicoots on Kangaroo Island

Thanks to the Broinowski Foundation, FNPW gave $15,000 in 2015 to a monitoring program for the endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. 

Blog Post - FEATURED PROJECT: Where are all the Platypus?

Have you ever seen a Platypus in the wild? It’s one of Australia’s most iconic animals, and yet it’s quite rare to see. They are naturally shy and mainly nocturnal after all. 

Blog Post - FEATURED PROJECT: Searching for Quolls around the Monaro

The Spotted-tailed Quoll (aka Tiger Quoll) is the largest native marsupial carnivore left on the Australian mainland. Sadly its population has declined to the point where it now occupies just 50% of its original pre-European range. 

Blog Post - FEATURED PROJECT: Backyard Buddies

You might have received a call from a Backyard Buddies' telemarketer. They sell soft toys and take donations to raise funds for the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.

But did you know that Backyard Buddies is also FNPW's environmental education program?

Blog Post - FEATURED PROJECT: Protecting NSW’s Last Little Penguins

"Hi, I’m Melanie Tyas. I’m the Ranger for the Sydney Harbour National Park. One of my jobs is looking after Manly’s Little Penguin colony. It’s an incredibly important task, as this is an endangered population. They’re the very last breeding colony of Little Penguins on the New South Wales mainland. 


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