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FEATURED PROJECT: Heritage Estates Land Project

Blog Post - FEATURED PROJECT: Heritage Estates

Some charities buy habitats for private protection. Excellent land management can be achieved this way, however a question mark hangs in the air above this land in the event that the charity winds down in the future. The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is unique in that it only buys important habitats that can be protected permanently through addition to Australia's National Parks system.

This also ensures that the land is not locked away, but instead remains accessible to you and I, now and into the future. We believe this is so important, as people learn to value the environment through their experiences of it.

One land acquisition project FNPW is currently working on is 'Heritage Estates' - also called the Voluntary Heritage Estates Land Project.

Heritage Estates involves FNPW negotiating with private landowners to purchase 1,200 lots in a 180-hectare 'paper subdivision' in the Jervis Bay area of the South Coast of New South Wales.

These bush blocks were never zoned for development. They are home to around 250 native plant and 150 native animal species, including a number of endangered, vulnerable and newly discovered species.

FNPW received a grant through the Commonwealth Government's Caring for Our Country program to purchase these undeveloped lots for addition to the Jervis Bay National Park. FNPW is working in partnership with all levels of government - the Commonwealth, New South Wales government, and Shoalhaven City Council to achieve this aim.

By adding these lots to Jervis Bay National Park, important habitat for threatened species will be protected. A wildlife corridor connecting Jervis Bay National Park and Booderee National Park will also be preserved. 

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