Our supporters have done some incredible things to raise money for Australian conservation.

And they’re dreaming up new ways to help every day.

What will you do?

Keller Coast2Coast Team, who fundraised for FNPW

Interested in fundraising for FNPW? Thank you!

Please download our Community Fundraising Kit.

It has everything you need to know to get started.

Join the race to be a force of nature...

Thank you for loving Australia’s unique environment and taking that extra step to help its ongoing conservation and protection.

Together we can protect habitat and the animals that live there, ensuring a lasting legacy for future generations to be inspired by.

There are many varied opportunities for people to fundraise for us—personally, creatively, and some with a challenge!

Swiss Penguin Girls, who fundraised for FNPW and Manly's Little Penguins

Create your own event:

Our GoFundraise page may be the right choice for you. Here the team will work with you to create a personalised and creative online fundraising page to complement any event you wish to host.

Whether you are collecting in lieu of wedding presents, creating your own personal challenge or simply requesting a donation, this site will make it fun, individual yet secure and professional. Your sponsors will receive a receipt and a thank you! We what to make sure they feel involved too! Get in touch for more information.

Charity partner events:

Join an existing event and fundraise securely online:

There are marathons, swim events, cycling or create your very own. The results are rewarding and the possibilities are endless, with numerous fun and interactive ways to raise money and awareness for FNPW. You can do it on your own or why not create a team, a social event that everyone can take part in. Grab your friends or work colleagues and sign up for one of the many national community and challenge events.

Sonja Beckerhoff and Jakob Anderhandt, who fundraised for FNPW by hiking the Australian Alps across three states

Why choose to fundraise online?

Let’s go, get started and create an online fundraising page today!

Strathcona Girls Green Team, who fundraised for FNPW

Not forgetting good old fashion offline fundraising:

If fundraising online is not your thing, we have an option for you to. Collecting money at a cake stall or having a garage sale? As a legislation requirement we please ask that you register your fundraising event with our fundraising team by reading our Fundraising Guidelines, and completing our Proposal to Fundraise form - available in our Community Fundraising Kit. Complete the form and return to us. Once your event has met with approval, we will send you an authorisation to fundraise.

If you have any questions or need any help, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 1800 898 626 or email

Did you know that Australia has experienced the largest documented decline in biodiversity of any continent? 

Over the last 200 years, at least 50 of our bird and mammal species and more than 60 of our plant species have become extinct. Australia's animals and plants are a source of excitement, economic and scientific importance, incredible beauty and awe-inspiring amazement and pleasure.


Healing our land

is our initiative to care for the animals that survived the bushfires, help their numbers grow and protect existing or create new, healthy habitats.

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