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FNPW funds conservation all around Australia.

The conservation of habitat, threatened species, and cultural heritage are priorities for us, as are accessible National Parks and environmental education.

Volunteers taking part in the marine debris clean up.

FNPW Grant Funding

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife invites grant applications for conservation projects. The purpose of our Community Conservation Grants is to assist in the protection of our native species, habitats, landscapes and cultural heritage.

Grants are available for both field projects and education programs that have a direct outcome for nature conservation in Australia. All proposals are evaluated by FNPW's Projects Committee based on funding priorities, funds available and quality and quantity of projects submitted.

FNPW may support approved projects through untied funds that belong to FNPW, or it may choose to run a targeted public appeal or seek third party sponsorship for the project.

FNPW Community Conservation Grants aim to fund urgent and high priority projects in the following Focus Areas:

FNPW supported monitoring and conservation efforts on WA's Penguin Island.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Applications for Community Conservation Grants are now open.

FNPW considers proposals for funding from:


When Can You Apply?

Applications for the next round of Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife Community Grants open on 1st December, 2018 and close on 31st January, 2019.


Evaluation & Selection Criteria

All evaluation and selection criteria are outlined in the grants guidelines. 

Download grants guidelines (pdf)

Download project risk assessment template (word)

Your project should:

Preference will be given to those projects that:


Selection process

Community Conservation Grant applications are assessed by FNPW's Projects Committee.         

The application process is as follows:


Note: Not all projects are able to be funded by FNPW. If your project falls into this category, your project will be kept on file for one year in case funding is secured at a later time. All applicants will be notified of the status of your project after evaluation.



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