Conservation isn't just about National Parks. FNPW's PLCG program supports conservation on private land to create habitat corridors between National Parks.

The PLCG program supports individuals undertaking conservation work on their own land. We need more of it to save species and habitats!

About the PLCG Program:

FNPW's Private Land Conservation Grants program has been offering grants to owners of properties protected under conservation agreements since 2008. To date, the program has provided 437 grants totalling more than $2.3 million to support private landholders undertaking conservation works on their own properties.

With the majority of land in Australia, including in New South Wales, in private ownership, this conservation program is an important complement to the public National Park system. Importantly, private conservation land connects habitats across the state by creating wildlife corridors between National Parks, improving their resilience and integrity.

In 2012, the Foundation was awarded $2 million in funding spread over six years to 2017. This funding came through the NSW Environmental Trust on behalf of the NSW State Government. The aim of the extra funding is to expand the Private Land Grants Program to include different types of conservation agreements and some practical community education programs.

Applying for a PLC Grant 

PLC grants administered by the Foundation for NSW landholders will wind up in 2020. These types of grants are now available through the Biodiversity Conservation Trust. Find out more information about the grants available through the Biodiversity Conservation Trust

Reporting on your PLC Grant

Submit your progress report or final report for your project.

Submit Progress REport

Submit Final REport

All supporting documents should be uploaded as part of your report.

If you have any queries regarding your report please contact:

Steve Haslam received a Private Land Conservation Grant to create a wetland on his property. As a result, there has been a population explosion of frogs, reptiles and waterbirds in and around these wetlands, adding very important and prosperous hunting grounds for the endangered Spotted-tailed Quoll.


Healing our land

is our initiative to care for the animals that survived the bushfires, help their numbers grow and protect existing or create new, healthy habitats.

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