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Eastern Bristlebirds' Grassland Battle

Blog Post - Eastern Bristlebirds' Grassland Battle

Helmet Ridge in NSW is grassy open forest and wetland habitat that is home to the threatened Eastern Bristlebird. Environmental weeds and the resulting reduction of tall native grasses has made their survival in the area increasingly difficult.

North Coast Local Land Services and Gugin Gudduba Local Aboriginal Land Council identified an urgent need for clearing and revegetation of the area which lies across land council and private property. Several other threatened species rely on the area for food and shelter including the Koala, Brush Tailed Phascogale, Sooty Owl, Powerful Owl, and Glossy Black-Cockatoo.

FNPW helped fund the project which began with the removal of weeds – lantana, crofton weed and mist flower – which were crowding out and strangling native plants and changing the composition of the habitat.

A crucial element of the project was prescribed fire management in partnership with traditional and cultural fire practices to best manage the land and conserve species habitat. Both private landowners and ALC traditional owners were very keen to work together on fire and land management and shared their knowledge and experiences at a community workshop.

The project has made huge improvements to the 20 hectares of affected land at Helmet Ridge. Weeds have been significantly reduced and a comprehensive plan put in place to control further weed infestation of the area. Restoration of native plants and grasses has helped conserve Eastern Bristlebird habitat and increased food sources for other local birds and animals.

Private landowners and Gugin Gudduba LALC are committed to ongoing maintenance and conservation of their land and the animals that call it home.



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