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FNPW Funding Threatened Species Research

Blog Post - FNPW Funding Threatened Species Research
A novel research project is investigating the key determinants of greater glider habitat selection and quality in south-east Australia. The focus is on the role of climate, forest structure and quality, and distribution of foraging resources on and within the habitat of greater gliders. To date these factors have been investigated separately and at small scales. This project will integrate these drivers at the landscape-scale through new methodologies based on remote-sensing to inform forest management and conservation planning and facilitate the development of a reserve network that maximizes habitat quality...


The project is addressing interactions between glider habitat influencing factors at a landscape-scale using a combination of remote-sensing, field validation and empirical modelling, to answer the questions:

1) what are the main determinants of habitat suitability of greater gliders in southeastern Australia,

2) what role does forest nutrition and climate have on greater glider occurrence and abundance; and,

3) can we improve landscape conservation planning using remote sensing?

The project uses four approaches: 1) landscape-scale analysis of the role of NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), climate and landscape structure on greater glider occurrence, 2) understanding the spatial distribution of foliar nutrients by quantifying the role of climate, topography and tree species on nitrogen availability in foraging resources, 3) correlating of observations of tree nutrition to high-resolution imagery in greater glider habitat, and 4) identifying greater glider habitat using high resolution climatic, topographic and nutrition models to improve reserve design.

ADMINISTERING ORGANISATION: The University of Melbourne – School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences
Leader: Benjamin Wagner (PhD Candidate)
Supervisors: Dr. Craig Nitschke and Prof. Patrick Baker
Partners: Arthur Rylah Institute (ARI), DELWP, VicForests





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