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FNPW Supporter Survey

Blog Post - FNPW Supporter Survey

In March, FNPW asked donors and subscribers to tell us about themselves and their conservation interests. Here are some of the findings from the 1,518 surveys that were completed.

Which FNPW projects do you consider most important?

The animals have it! Protecting threatened species is the highest in importance for FNPW supporters, followed closely by protecting land and water for future generations. 

Would you please let us know your main reason for supporting Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife?

The key words that supporters use to describe why they support Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife are to Protect Natural Environment for Wildlife / Animals.

How often do you visit a National Park in Australia?

We are so proud that the majority of our supporters are avid National Parks visitors. Only 2% have never visited a National Park in Australia. 

What do you enjoy most during your visit to a National Park?

It's easy to see that there's nothing like a walk in the park for our supporters, followed by birdwatching and wildlife encounters.

What are your favourite native animals?

It's not a big surprise that Koalas are at the top of the list, but you also favour wombats and birds.

What would you like to see more of from Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife?


We're pleased you want to learn more about the National Parks near you and activities that you can do in them. We hope to provide you with more information in the coming months!

Thanks to everyone who answered our survey.  We will use your valuable feedback to continue improving and refining what we do here at Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.


Habitat loss is a key reason 500 native Australian animals are now on the Threatened Species List

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