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Corporate Kindness Builds Nature Play Area

Blog Post - Corporate Kindness Builds Nature Play Area

To coincide with National Tree Day, Kukundi Nature Playspace was unveiled at a launch event in Lane Cove National Park on Friday, 28 July. The outdoor space features a range of new Nature Play equipment that aims to reconnect kids with nature and the outdoors. 

Nature play is a term used to describe the creation of simple play opportunities in the natural environment. It is a global movement, aiming to get kids away from TVs, computers and smartphones, and back playing outside by providing unique nature play experiences for families and children. 

A group of students from Beauty Point School attended the launch and were the first to trial the nature play equipment.

About the project: Kukundi Nature Playspace

In 2016, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife partnered with SC Johnson to revitalise the former Kukundi precinct into a Nature Playspace and Trail area in Lane Cove National Park.

The partnership helped to fund the creation of the Kukundi Nature Playspace and installation of Nature Play equipment for kids to play in nature. Nature play encourages kids and parents to see the natural environment and National Parks as a place to enjoy, play, imagine, relax and explore.


“We are really delighted with the outcome. SC Johnson and FNPW have been pivotal in moving the nature play space project from a dream to a reality. We hope to see many families and young children using the space and enjoying our natural environment.” 

 Michele Cooper -  Lane Cove National Park Area Manager


Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and our Backyard Buddies education program encourages outdoor play so it becomes a normal part of every child's life, so that they can develop into resilient, healthy and creative members of the community.


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