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Planting Trees For Koalas

Blog Post - Planting Trees For Koalas

In South-east Queensland, over 140 volunteers planted over 3200 seedlings including 300 koala food source trees across 3 parklands at 5 events thanks to the supporters of FNPW’s Plant a Tree for Me initiative. 

FNPW has been funding and supporting koala conservation projects for many years. Listed as ‘vulnerable’ the Koala Coast Koala is one of Australia’s most significant koala populations. However, living in this urban environment has taken its toll. 

Since 1996 Koala numbers have declined by 80% due to habitat loss and fragmentation, disease, car strikes and dog attacks. FNPW is funding an ongoing partnership between Redland City Council, the community and the Koala Bushcare Group to provide a way for people to directly help Koalas and other local wildlife.

The plantings will link remnant Koala habitat areas and enlarge existing bushland areas. Redland City Council will maintain these areas with watering and weed maintenance to ensure they grow into mature forests.

The 300 food trees will provide an important food source that Koalas can start feeding on in as little as 5 years.

The project aims to expand and link the habitat in urban areas to help increase survival rates of Koalas. Through these tree planting events, increased awareness of Koala conservation is raised within the community.

Volunteer participation has been crucial to the success of the project. Preserving, increasing and connecting habitat is essential for the survival of the Redland City Council population of Koala Coast Koalas in Queensland.




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