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Protecting The Red-Tailed Phascogale In Katanning

Blog Post - Protecting The Red-Tailed Phascogale In Katanning.

The Red-Tailed Phascogale (Phascogale calura) was once wide-spread across southern Australia, but is now limited to a 'triangle' in south-west WA. Loss of habitat (wandoo / sheoak woodland) and predation by feral and domestic cats have been catastrophic for the species. It is listed as Endangered under the EPBC Act.

Thanks to dedicated efforts by a number of conservation groups and individuals over the past decade, the future for Red-Tailed Phascogales is improving. Community awareness has increased, as have sightings (including breeding reports). However, there is still a long way to go to protect this iconic arboreal mammal. The aim of this FNPW funded project is to continue to raise awareness, improve the availability of nesting / breeding spaces and to reduce predation by cats.

The project builds on significant work by Katanning Landcare, Wagin-Woodanilling Landcare, Bush Heritage Australia, the South West Catchments Council and Wheatbelt NRM over many years - projects which have included awareness raising, environmental fencing, revegetation, predator control, nest box construction and installation and community reporting. An on-line Phascogale Nest Box Monitoring Survey portal has been developed and will continue to be used for community members to monitor and report usage of their nest boxes - giving important data on distribution and population.

The specific activities chosen for this project look at what the community currently needs and has capacity to achieve - more nest boxes built, cat predation highlighted (which hasn't been tackled directly in Katanning before) and the continued education of local children.

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