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Restoring Habitat On SA's Fleurieu Peninsula

Blog Post - Restoring Habitat On The Fleurieu Peninsula

Deep Creek Conservation Park is the largest portion of remaining natural vegetation on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. It is home to an array of native wildlife such as the Southern brown bandicoot, Short-beaked echidna and Southern emu-wren, as well as another 100 species of birds and reptiles.

The park also contains some of the last remaining heath and stringy bark open forest on the peninsula and of She-Oak, Pink Gum woodland once home to the Glossy Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami halmaturinus).

Once a prized source of firewood and stock feed during droughts, drooping sheoaks were selectively cleared across the SA landscape, destroying habitat for the glossy blacks. Rabbit grazing prevented the sheoaks from regenerating and with no food for survival, the glossy black-cockatoo disappeared from mainland South Australia.

Using funds contributed by FNPW supporters through our Plant a Tree for Me program, this project focussed on establishing 2000 Allocasuarina Verticulata trees to enhance habitat at Blowhole Beach, creating a stepping stone that will hopefully bring Black Glossy Cockatoos back to the region.

The re-establishment of She-Oak woodlands will also provide additional food source and habitat for other regionally rare species such as Firetails.

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