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Retracing Their Steps

Blog Post - Retracing Their Steps

The Yorktown Historic Site is one of Tasmania’s earliest European settlement sites - settled in 1804. Abandoned a few years later, it is now recognised and on the Tasmanian Heritage register. In 2000 most of the site was overgrown with gorse. Volunteers have been working to remove the gorse, re-establish the native flora on the site and, by the provision of historical information, encourage visitors...

This project, funded by FNPW and delivered entirely by volunteers, included the replacement of old signs giving the history of Yorktown, the erection of a new welcoming sign, and native plantings to fill in an area where there was once complete coverage by gorse.

Several threatened species inhabit the area and a significant bird list has been recorded. Natural values are being returned by bringing back heath land and bush land for local birds which have coped with acres of gorse for scores of years. Increased visitor numbers to the site are likely to occur, along with their enjoyment and increased awareness of their surroundings, both natural and historical.

"We have had built a great new timber box and stand for the visitor’s book. The number of visitors to the area continues to grow and a good number write comments in the book - the vast majority of which are very complimentary to the work that has been carried out there".

"Work is on-going to re-establish more areas of native vegetation and provide more signage. Information for visitors regarding the natural values and also their history thus encourages the celebration of our cultural heritage".

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