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Supporting Australia's Wildlife Heroes

Blog Post - Supporting Our Wildlife Heroes

Most Australian wildlife rescue and care is done by hardworking volunteers. In NSW alone, more than 5,500 people give their time, money and love to Australian animals in need. We call them WILDLIFE HEROES!

FNPW's Wildlife Heroes project acknowledges the important work the volunteer wildlife rehabilitation sector does within the community. The project will support wildlife rehabilitators and provide them with the tools and knowledge to continue their important work rescuing and rehabilitating native wildlife. It will also give some support to private veterinary practices whose services are critical to the treatment of animals requiring care. Our aim is to increase the capacity of the wildlife rehabilitation sector to meet ongoing community demands for assistance with wildlife; meet improved animal care standards and ensure the ongoing sustainability of the sector.

Volunteers like Wildlife Rescuer & Carer Ravi Singh. 


Ravi works with the Australian Reptile Park in Gosford as well as Hawkesbury and Blacktown Councils, giving educational talks at schools and to community groups. He lives out west where there are lots of Red-bellied Black Snakes and the occasional Brown and he’s also often called upon to rescue escaped pets like Diamond Pythons. “I release the venomous ones away from human habitation on the edge of national parks”, says Ravi “… and try to find the owners of the
non-venomous snakes, or at least re-home them.

FNPW's Wildlife Heroes project will run over 3 years and aims to:

  • Acknowledge the scale, importance and value of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Australia
  • Offer grants for equipment, training, conferences and emergency response planning
  • Provide resources and tools for wildlife volunteers and wildlife organisations in NSW
  • Support ‘wildlife friendly’ veterinary practices with grants and information
  • Promote wildlife volunteering for greater public awareness and recruitment
  • Develop community education and awareness campaigns to increase knowledge of Australian native wildlife
You can support volunteer wildlife rescuers and carers by donating to FNPW's Wildlife Heroes appeal




Healing our land

is our initiative to care for the animals that survived the bushfires, help their numbers grow and protect existing or create new, healthy habitats.

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