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Bandicoot "Super Highway" Shifts Into Next Gear

Blog Post - Bandicoot "Super Highway" Shifts Into Next Gear

Connecting habitat to protect Bandicoots in the Adelaide Hills

Sturt Upper Reaches Landcare Group (SURLG) in partnership with Natural Resources Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges (NR AMLR) and the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife are delighted to announce the appointment of Bec Duffield as project manager for the next stage of this vital project.  Restoring ground cover in areas where there is a lack of native habitat is a first step to creating stepping stones between the isolated Southern brown Bandicoot populations.

Researchers have learned that bandicoot numbers are reduced by several factors including predators; changes in native habitats caused by humans, other animals and weeds; and also changes in climate. This has highlighted the need to connect genetically isolated populations of these marsupials, so they can intermingle to ensure their survival.

The ultimate project aim is to downgrade the listing of the bandicoot from endangered to vulnerable, securing its existence in the region for generations to come.

“The recent visit to the project area by the SA Minister for the Environment, the Hon. David Speirs MP and now this funding through FNPW has put a new burst of enthusiasm into our group for the Bandicoot project.” said Danny Rohrlach, President of the SURLG. The long-term outcome of this work will be improved bandicoot habitat and connectivity from Williamstown to Deep Creek that will also benefit biodiversity conservation of the region.

“FNPW is extremely pleased to be able to provide funding to the Sturt Upper Reaches Landcare Group to take this important next step, thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters” said Ian Darbyshire, CEO of the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. “We look forward to working with Bec & SURLG as they steer the development of this very exciting project!”


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