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FNPW Announces Wildlife Emergency Appeal

Blog Post - FNPW Announces Wildlife Emergency Rescue Appeal

Volunteer Wildlife Groups Across Australia Urgently Need Our Help. 

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Firefighters and emergency services are not the only heroes saving lives in the East Coast bushfires. FNPW has launched an appeal to recognise and support the army of dedicated carers and rescuers working behind-the-scenes to help animals that have been left hungry, homeless or hurt as a result of the devastation.

Wildlife hotlines are currently overwhelmed with calls as bushfire refugees turn up in backyards and houses, looking for shelter and food. Wildlife volunteers work for free and around the clock. They use their own money to rescue and care for animals.

"Wildlife emergencies are common in summer and are most often caused by fires, extreme heat and drought. This summer has come early and is forecast to be a horror season for our native animals and the people that care for them", said FNPW CEO Ian Darbyshire

‚ÄúThis season's bushfires and the ongoing drought represent an unprecedented threat to our native wildlife, which is why FNPW is launching an appeal to raise to funds to support the dedicated rescue groups and animal hospitals who volunteer their time saving and rehabilitating the hundreds of birds and animals impacted by a bushfire crisis or other emergency event." 

Wildlife workers take time off work and away from families to visit bushfire-ravaged areas. They treat animals large and small for burns, pain, smoke inhalation and dehydration. They take stressed and traumatised wildlife into their homes giving them quiet and comfortable space to rest and recover. They hand-raise bushfire orphans until they are old enough to return to the wild.

"Funds raised through this appeal will be directed towards providing financial assistance to those groups most impacted by the fires through targeted funding for first aid and rescue equipment for injured animals, as well as providing support for wildlife carers through this difficult time," added Ian.

If you find an injured animal this summer, the best way to save its life is to call your nearest wildlife rescue group. A complete list of accredited wildlife rescue organisations can be found at: fnpw.org.au/injuredwildlife 

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