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Return & Earn To Protect Threatened Wildlife

Blog Post - Return & Earn To Protect Threatened Wildlife

Exciting news! This Summer, anyone who returns bottles and drink containers through the NSW Return & Earn scheme can choose to donate the proceeds to the  Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. Most drinks containers between 150ml and three litres are eligible for a refund.

Containers need to be in good condition (not broken or crushed), be empty and have the label attached. They can be made of:





Or liquid paperboard (cartons).

By collecting and returning empty drink containers, and encouraging your family and friends to do the same, not only are you helping to support FNPW's important conservation work, you will be preventing these items entering our waterways, parks and ocean, thereby reducing the amount of plastics and debris that harm the inhabitants of our vital marine ecosystems.

You can find more information about the Return and Earn scheme, including the location of your nearest recycling station on this website: https://returnandearn.org.au/return-points/

Please note that only the Reverse Vending Machines sites allow your to donate your refund to FNPW.

Thank you!


Habitat loss is a key reason 500 native Australian animals are now on the Threatened Species List

Your donation will enable FNPW to connect habitat and protect endangered native animals Find out more...