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Support Bradleys Head Naval Memorial Project

Blog Post - Support Bradleys Head Naval Memorial Project

Support Bradleys Head Naval Memorial Project. The brave actions of Navy personnel lost in battle are remembered at the Naval Memorial at Bradleys Head. The site includes a memorial walk and plaques, and is an important reminder of the sacrifices Navy personnel have made in service to the nation.

By donating to this Naval Memorial Project, you will be contributing to the conservation of both our natural and cultural heritage.

The memorial avenue also includes various plaques commemorating Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ships and submarines lost in war. Throughout the RAN’s proud history, Australian sailors have fought in battles near and afar.

The Bradleys Headmemorial avenue provides us with a solemn reminder of those who have died and fought and the sacrifices made by family members left behind. This site undoubtedly serves as a place of reflection for future generations.

Bradleys Head is a site of military history and stunning landscapes. Just next to Taronga Zoo, the convict-built battery at Bradley's Head was built after four American warships arrived in Sydney Harbour undetected in 1839. Sydneysiders were feeling uneasy so a circular parapet was later installed to enhance Sydney’s protection. Today, the mast of HMAS Sydney (I) towers over the parapet as a striking monument to the WWI warship. Defence ditches, added in the late 19th century after British troops left Sydney and remnants of earlier fortifications are other features of this unique harbourside National Park.

In order to maintain the memorial avenue, plaques and site, the Memorial Committee and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service have partnered with the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife to raise funds for its ongoing preservation.

Surrounded by remnant native vegetation, the site is a magnificent place to contemplate and commemorate those men and women who have fought so bravely for our country.

“FNPW with our donors’ support Australia’s Indigenous and European cultural heritage for the benefit of future generations. It is rewarding to see this precinct paying homage to the past as well as educating future generations about Australia’s naval heritage,” said Ian Darbyshire, CEO of FNPW.

By joining together, we can preserve our cultural heritage …please make an online donation today.




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