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Blog Post - Healing our land continues growing your national parks and planting for the future

Your gift will continue Healing our land through the next growth phase by restoring natural habitats and replacing native vegetation

It is hard to imagine a more testing time in our country’s history. The Australian people, its wildlife and national parks are under enormous pressure due to widespread drought, a horror bushfire season and now COVID-19. 

Blog Post - Help Create A NEW 60,000 hectare National Park To Protect Half A Billion Years Of History

FNPW is working with the South Australian Government to create a new national park on the western edge of the Flinders Ranges that is like no other on Earth. It contains what retired South Australian Museum palaeontologist, Professor Jim Gehling, describes as “… the rarest and the oldest fossils on Earth that you can see with the naked eye.” 

Blog Post - Connect To Protect Our Threatened Wildlife

Right across Australia, native animals that are important to our ecosystem are declining at an alarming rate. Native animals like koalas, gliders, echidnas, wombats, bandicoots and many species of birds and reptiles now have to scale fences, cross busy roads, negotiate backyards containing dogs and cats and move over entire paddocks with no tree cover, exposing them to predators. With your support, we can help protect nature in a way that preserves it for generations to come. We need to Connect to Protect.



Blog Post - Plant A Tree For Me!

There is a huge diversity of species across Australia. But over the past 200 years more than 75% of our native vegetation has been destroyed or degraded. This has seriously impacted native animals and they need our help... 

Blog Post - Populations Of Marine Mammals, Birds, Plants And Fish Are In Serious Decline Globally...

… including those that live right here, in the vast stretches of saltwater of which we are guardians. If we lose them from our waters, they are lost to the world forever!  


Healing our land

is our initiative to care for the animals that survived the bushfires, help their numbers grow and protect existing or create new, healthy habitats.

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