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Give a gift that keeps on growing

Blog Post - Give a gift that keeps on growing

As individuals, and as a nation, we have much to recover from and there is so much that is out of our control. However, there is something positive we can do right now. Australia has lost over 12 million hectares in the bushfires. Millions of hectares of trees… gone. But you can help to replace what has been lost.

The FNPW team is working to replace every tree that was lost and we need your help. You and others like you can support bushfire recovery that will have a lasting impact. 

Will you plant a tree today for bushfire recovery?

In FNPW’s 50th year, your support enabled us to launch Healing our land in response to the bushfires. In April FNPW announced a national project for Bushfire Recovery Nurseries. These nurseries will grow tree species that have been lost in the bushfires and will regenerate areas that were damaged.

You and others like you have told us that you want to protect Australia’s natural landscapes for future generations. You have seen the devastation of the bushfires and want to help. And you can help. 

Will you give the gift of a tree to support bushfire recovery?

Last summer’s fires were the largest environmental disaster in Australian history. Your gift is needed now so that we can start to replace every tree that was lost. The National Bushfire Recovery Nursery project will support restoration projects across South Australia, Queensland, Victoria & New South Wales over a period of 3 to 5 years. The project has already commenced at sites within identified FNPW bushfire recovery priority regions in ACT, NSW, and SA.


Plant a tree today and be a part of the bushfire recovery effort.

Not only will the planting of trees restore our damaged habitats, but by planting a tree you will assist in restoring lost habitat for native species. In the bushfires, nearly 3 billion animals died or were displaced. The bushfire recovery nurseries will support such threatened species as the Glossy Black Cockatoo, Scarlet Robin, Swift Parrot, Yellow-bellied Glider, Western Pygmy Possum, Bitter Bush Blue Butterfly and the Koala.

It has been a challenging year, but it has given us all the opportunity to persevere and to grow. Grow from adversity and grow by taking action.  Help continue to grow Australia’s damaged bushland and animal habitats by donating the cost of a tree. Planting trees to continue Healing our land is so important, not just for our supporters and the FNPW team, but, most importantly, for the livelihood of our precious Australian wildlife.

With your help, together we will replace what has been lost.

Please make your gift of a tree today.

Buy one tree, a family of trees, or, if you’re a company, a forest. Every dollar you donate will go towards becoming a tree. By growing these trees for the future, you are safeguarding natural Australia for future generations. And for that, we cannot thank you enough.



Header photo by Carol Carter & Allan Chawner



Healing our land

is our initiative to care for the animals that survived the bushfires, help their numbers grow and protect existing or create new, healthy habitats.

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