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Planting Food for Redland’s Koalas

Blog Post - Planting Food for Redland’s Koalas

Written by Lisa Malone, Extension Officer-Bushcare, Redland City Council.

In 2015 FNPW continued to support community planting days in Brisbane to benefit Koalas, by granting $5,600 to Redland City Council.

Since 2010 FNPW have been supporting these planting days, which help grow wildlife corridors and offer more food sources to the local, vulnerable Koala population. 

This project is about the community and Redland City Council working together to revegetate areas to enhance and create Koala habitat corridors. Community volunteers come along once a month and plant native seedlings in areas that we know are used by Koalas. These plantings are then maintained by Council until they grow into forests.

Koalas are listed as vulnerable in south east Queensland and loss of habitat is a major threat to the species, so planting Koala habitat trees is a proactive, hands on activity that the community can assist. This project addresses the issue of habitat loss by revegetating in urban areas where Koalas are still found. Once established, these plantings will provide food trees and habitat for Koalas into the future. This project also plays a role in community education.

Through the planting activities and associated advertising, awareness is raised on the plight of Koalas and the importance of planting Koala food trees. So far the project has progressed as planned with plantings held in August, September and October. Each planting consisted of 300 seedlings that were a mix of Koala food trees, shrubs and ground covers. The plantings have widened Koala corridors alongside two creeks, which used to be just mowed grass.

All the planting days attracted good numbers of volunteers, with some being regular helpers and others coming along from

the local community where the planting was held. Even with the dry weather the survival rate of the plants has been excellent and Redland City Council will provide additional watering to ensure they get through the dry period.

Great results can be achieved when community and government work together. Tree planting activities are a wonderful way to engage the community and spread the conservation message. The community has been instrumental in the success of the project. Thanks again to FNPW for promoting and supporting our efforts to revegetate for our local Koalas.



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