The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife offered to buy land in Heritage Estates up until 9 December 2014 for $5,000 per lot.

Following the High Court dismissal of the matter Esposito & Ors v Commonwealth of Australia & Ors on 5 May 2016, court action concerning Heritage Estates is now at an end. An extension to the Voluntary Heritage Estates Land Purchase Project has now been granted by the Australian Government.

Landowners wishing to sell their land should complete and submit to the Foundation an Offer to Sell form by 31 December 2017 which is when the project will close. PLEASE NOTE: If available funding is exhausted before this date then the project will close earlier upon available funds being exhausted.

The Foundation will proceed to purchase lots within the Heritage Estates in the order in which the Offer to Sell forms are received from landowners on a first-in first served basis until the funds are exhausted.

Heritage Estates-Offer To Sell Form Heritage Estates-Offer To Sell Form (245 KB)