Become a Corporate Partner

CEO Ian Darbyshire signing agreement with CEO of Sealink

FNPW’s Corporate Partnership Program works proactively with companies to support and deliver on their CSR commitments and engage their employees and customers to support our environmental and conservation projects across Australia.

When you support FNPW, you join forces with our partners across government departments and agencies, hundreds of environmental groups, and thousands of individuals who are working to conserve and restore native habitats, National Parks and protect endangered wildlife.

Your support helps ensure a sustainable future for the many resources our National Parks provide to us all - fresh air and clean water, outdoor recreation experiences, diverse wildlife, and naturally beautiful places to relax and enjoy.

As a corporate partner, there are many benefits to working with FNPW. Your support allows FNPW to deliver tangible conservation outcomes that support our forests, wetlands, wildlife, and recreation areas and cultural heritage.

A partnership with FNPW connects our corporate partners to our dedicated supporters including thousands of outdoors enthusiasts, conservationists, scientists and our local project partners. We also creatively engage employees and your customers in helping support and care for our National Parks and wildlife. Most importantly, in partnership with FNPW, companies demonstrate their commitment to support our uniquely Australian legacy of public lands. FNPW is a DGR status not-for-profit environmental organisation.

Our corporate partners are leaders in Corporate Social responsibility and believe in the importance of investing in our unique landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage. To learn more about the benefits of a partnership with FNPW please contact Ian Darbyshire by email or phone on 1800 898 626.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Custom Partnerships – Iconic projects

We work with corporate partners to design effective cause-related marketing campaigns that support positive environmental outcomes that resonate with your customers. We provide unique sponsorship benefits and the opportunity to outreach to new audiences. By tailoring partnerships that support our iconic conservation projects we provide positive brand association that proactively supports your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and delivers positive environmental outcomes.

FNPW can customise partnerships that focus on restoring and growing National Parks to funding innovative research programs that protect our native wildlife to supporting community education programs that encourage and teach the next generation about sustainable living.

We provide businesses with high quality PR and media outreach activity and offer an employee engagement program that provides unique opportunities to support and engage your employees in our corporate environmental volunteering and workplace giving program.

Land & Water Conservation - Restoring Australia's Natural Landscape 

From Sydney Harbour to Perth, our National Parks provides water, green space and recreation areas to millions of Australians in thousands of communities. Our restoration programs provide tangible and cost-effective land and water-related conservation results for businesses that want to protect these invaluable resources.

Cultural Heritage – Protecting Australia’s Cultural Heritage

Our Cultural Heritage projects support our partners to conserve and tell the many stories that make up Australia’s cultural heritage - our heritage consists of the places, objects and knowledge we have inherited from past generations.

Threatened Species – Plant a Tree For Me – Corporate and Small Business Tree-Planting Program

FNPW's Plant a Tree for Me program provides corporations and small businesses with a great opportunity to engage their customers and clients in addressing reforestation and the need to create habitat for our native species within our National Parks.

The SeaLink Travel Group is proud to partner with the Foundation for National Parks &Wildlife by working together to preserve

and protect Australia’s cultural and environmental heritage. The SeaLink Travel Group introduces more than 300,000 visitors to

Australia’s National Parks annually and has been supporting the sustainability of nature-based tourism in National Parks for many years