Recycle mobile phones for FNPW

Have you got an old, unused mobile phone lying around at home or in the office?

Did you know that Australians buy new mobile phones at the rate of 3-4 million phones per year? There is an estimated 10-18 million unused phones lying around in home cupboards and office desks that sadly are destined to become landfill.

You can send your unwanted mobile phone to be recycled. Chargers and other mobile accessories can also be recycled.

Not only will this ensure that the reusable parts are reused, but it will stop highly toxic metals from going into landfill and polluting our environment.

It also has one extra added benefit. For every unwanted mobile you donate that can be reused and is less than 5-6 years old, the Aussie Recycling Program will give $3 to $5 to FNPW.

By recycling your old reusable mobile, you'll protect pristine bushland and habitats, and help save threatened animals and plants from extinction, right across the country.

You can send your own unwanted phone to the Aussie Recycling Program (ARP), or run a collection at your workplace or amongst a group of friends.

To donate your old phone:

Please fill in a donation form to accompany any phones you send.

ARP Donation form ARP Donation form (34 KB)

 Remember to put “Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife” in the donation instructions box so that Aussie Recycling Program knows you want FNPW to benefit from your mobile phone donation.

You can drop off your unwanted phone at an ARP collection point in your state. 

Or purchase a padded jiffy bag and mail it to:




(Remember to include the donation form when mailing.)

You will need to separate the battery from the phone and wrap the battery in bubble wrap when mailing. Due to postal regulations, you can only mail one battery per jiffy bag.

You can also use our Reply Paid Label. 

ARP Reply Paid label ARP Reply Paid label (276 KB)

Or you can have a free courier pick up a box if you collect 16 or more phones (ask around your workplace - you’d be surprised how easy this is to achieve.)

Donating 16 or more phones:

Get your friends, family, neighbours, school or workplace involved. If you collect 16 or more mobiles, the Aussie Recycling Program will provide a courier to pick them up from you for free.

You will need to fill in the following forms if you want to have a free courier pick up 16 or more phones from you.

1. Donation Form - Click to download and remember to put 'Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife' in the Donation Instructions box. 

ARP Donation form ARP Donation form (34 KB)

2. Courier Request Pick Up Form - Click to download and fax it to (03) 9578 7409 or e-mail it to

Find out more about free pick up at ARP's website by clicking here.

3. Shipping Label

ARP Shipping label ARP Shipping label (617 KB)

4. Consignment Note - you will need one of these when shipping, so advise ARP when you book your courier or when the driver comes to pick up the phones, and they will supply you with one.

5. Feel fantastic knowing that you have made a contribution to environmental conservation in Australia and stopped toxic metals from going into landfill.

Every donation made to FNPW because someone donated their old mobile phone goes toward conserving Australia's native wildlife, and no part of the phone ends up in landfill. It's win-win!