It's a win-win!

Double your impact for conservation by donating pre-tax income through your work.

Employers can support employees and the environment at the same time.

Corporate Volunteers BNP Paribas in Sydney Harbour National Park.

A Workplace Giving Program that supports our unique wildlife

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, our corporate supporters and their employees understand that together we can make a positive difference to improve our environment and help protect a range of native animals so they survive and thrive.

We invest Workplace Giving (WPG) donations to support innovative research and community action programs that not only build, protect and repair ecosystems that humans enjoy but also create native habitats for the future protection of a number of our threatened native animals. Because... without our help, they’ll disappear.

Thank you to all the workplace giving donors who support FNPW & our unique wildlife!

For information about our employee engagement opportunities FNPW’s Workplace Giving and Corporate Environmental Volunteering Program contact Ian Darbyshire on 1800 898 626 or by email

Corporate Volunteers hearing from Ranger Leon in Lane Cove National Park.

If you are an employee.... your donation supports our Threatened Species Program

Workplace Giving (also known as payroll giving) provides you with an opportunity to make tax deductible donations to charities from your regular pay. A small regular donation can make a big difference when combined with other regular donors, helping us to protect and care for our unique wildlife.

WPG donations are deducted from your salary before tax and you receive the tax benefit immediately, rather than having to wait until the end of the financial year. In some cases, your employer may match your donation dollar-for-dollar – so please be sure to ask your company to match your donation!

How to donate through an existing Workplace Giving Program

To donate regularly to FNPW, simply ask your payroll department to deduct your nominated donation from your gross (pre-tax) salary each pay period. It really is that easy!

For details about our WPG program please call 1800 898 626 and we can provide you with a WPG Information Kit.

If you are an employer....we will work with you to grow your employee engagement program

Workplace Giving is a win-win-win for employees, employers and FNPW. Employees understand the impact of giving small pre-tax amounts can make a big difference collectively. While companies appreciate that a WPG program brings organisational values to life, increases employee morale and helps to improve staff retention rates. FNPW will work with your company to harness the collective generosity of your employees and provide free corporate volunteering events that will genuinely enhance your reputation in the communities in which you operate.

Don’t forget by matching employee donations, you will demonstrate a real commitment to your employees, help build engagement and of course double the financial support to our Threatened Species Program.

A Corporate Volunteer from Expedia in Sydney Harbour National Park.

FNPW works with our Workplace Giving Partners to deliver a number of benefits:

How to donate if your company doesn't offer a Workplace Giving Program

If your company doesn't offer a Workplace Giving Program, why not become a special supporter of FNPW by giving regular donations using your credit card? By donating today you can help us protect native species - all donations over $2 are tax deductible. Thank you!

Need to know more about how to start a Workplace Giving Program?

If your company or business does not have a Workplace Giving Program, let us help you! It’s very easy to set up and won’t create extra work for your payroll department. FNPW will proactively support your workplace giving program and help you grow your employee engagement program, contact us on 1800 898 626 or by email for further details or to sign up today.



Help fund Australian conservation

Your donation safeguards wilderness and wildlife for future generations.


Healing our land

is our initiative to care for the animals that survived the bushfires, help their numbers grow and protect existing or create new, healthy habitats.

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